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Welcome to Midwest Truck Driving School

 Ever wonder what it would be like to end school on Friday and start your new career on Monday? Trucking companies recruit directly from our school.

Midwest Truck Driving School, students learn all aspects of the trucking industry. See our catalog for complete description.

 Owner & President of Midwest Truck Driving School    Patrick A.Barron


Our Philosophy
Midwest Trucking Driving School is an institution that offers a truck driver training program. Individuals who understand occupational education and the trucking industry manage the school's program. We have taken this valuable knowledge and experience and made it available to you. We are committed to training professional truck drivers and feel we have one of the finest training programs in the country.

Facility Highlights
The facility provides classrooms, offfices and a student lounge. The classrom seats 20 students and accommodates lectures, workshop activites, and a general classroom instruction facilitated through the use of various audio / visual equipment, televisions, video tape players, dry marker boards, and equipment models. The adjacent range provides more than adequate room to accommodate our entire tractor/trailer to do our yard maneuvers on, and parking for our Vehicle Inspections.